Little Stars - In this is an introductory theatre class, children will develop their creativity, imagination, social behaviour, and self-confidence. Through the use of art, movement, literature, games, puzzles, and music, they will explore and expand their ability to communicate and express themselves.

Shooting Stars- Students will develop memorization skills through the use of scene & monologue work. They will be introduced to other aspects of theatre such as; film, directing, writing, choreographing, song writing, and stage management. This program offers students to expand their love for theatre to other areas of interest, and learn how to successfully integrate them.  

All Stars - This program combines dance movements with an emphasis on developing singing, acting and performance skills. Students will learn to use facial expressions and body movements to portray different characters, story-lines, proper physical & vocal warm-ups, practice audition techniques, scenes & monologues.

Why enroll you child in Performing Arts Classes?

  1. Improved Physical Health
  2. Improved Physical Health
  3. Socialization Benefits
  4. Education Benefits
  5. Improved Self-Esteem
  6. Children's Arts Tax Credit


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