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Ballet - Encouraging solid understanding of posture, alignment, and technique, and ballet aesthetic, Ballet classes provides a strong foundation, and combines the beauty of music with dance. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture and self-discipline while learning technique and musicality. Ballet training provides young ballet dancers with opportunities to develop grace, fitness and self -confidence.

Jazz - Jazz is fun and upbeat using the most recent and popular music hits. Jazz class combines stretching, aerobic exercise, strength, and upbeat movement to create fun exciting routines. It is a fundamental dance form that complements all other dance forms. We suggest jazz for all students 3 years and up.

Acrobatics - A combination of dance and gymnastics. Learn how to properly execute acrobatic tricks and develop gymnastics skills. Improve strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity, and physical control in a safe and fun environment.

Lyrical- Lyrical dance blends ballet & jazz together, creating a very poetic and expressive dance style. During this class students will be invited to use  movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger, while using the lyrics of the chosen song to serve as inspiration.

Hip Hop -  A form of street and dance club influenced style of jazz dance. Known for its fast and energetic pace, this creative form of dance is often seen in music videos. This program introduces dancers to the fundamental techniques and foundations of all the styles and develops a dancers musicality, coordination,  confidence &performance skills and ability to pick up choreography.

Tap - A form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. The benefits of taking tap; are increased cardiovascular conditioning, strength, excellent co-ordination and flexibility. Tap classes also help build strength in the legs & feet, well improving muscle control.  

CHEERLEADING- An exciting program focusing on team building, coordination, balance,precision & strength. During, this class students will learn cheerleading motions, jumps, basic stunts & lifts, as well as pom dance. Students will work towards creating various routines combining all cheer skills, which will incorporate dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, lyrical & musical theatre.

Musical Theatre- This program combines dance movements with an emphasis on developing singing, acting and performance skills. Students will learn to use facial expressions and body movements to portray different characters, story-lines, proper physical & vocal warm-ups, practice audition techniques, scenes & monologues. SING DANCE ACT! Bi-weekly classes. Schedule TBA.

Tiny Tots- offers an exciting introduction to dance class with the use of fun props and fun age appropriate music. This introductory class offers  dance samples including jazz, ballet  and acrobatics.