Frequently Asked Questions

What class should I enroll my child in? How do I decide?

Start watching you child dance. How are they dancing? Slow & soft with lots of twirling= Ballet or Lyrical class Fast with lots of jumps & turns= Jazz Small quick movements, popping, bouncing or low to the ground movements= Hip Hop Cartwheels, somersaults & flexibility= Acro or Cheer Making noise with their feet= Tap If you are still struggling to decide come try a class out or email the Studio Director, describing your thoughts and concerns.

Can I start a class mid-season?

Yes, Studio A is continuous enrollment. We tend to shy students away from joining before christmas & at the end of the summer, due to our recitals & celebration performances.

Are parents allowed into the Studio while classes are in session?

We prefer our parents to view class on the TV in the waiting lobby, we find the children become too distracted when they can see their parents. We also want to help prepare the students for future performances. Often times at the end of class we invite parents to come in & watch short dance routines. If this is a concern please contact the Studio Director.

If my child misses a class can they make it up?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer makeup classes. Most of our programs are full or close to capacity. For certain occasions such as bad weather we do offer scheduled makeup classes, if the Studio closes.

What happens when the weather is bad?

If the weather is unsafe please stay at home. We will post on our Facebook page & website if the Studio has closed, due to weather. If the Studio does close because of unsafe weather we will offer scheduled makeup classes.

What should my child wear/bring to class?

Dance attire is not mandatory but is welcomed! It can be fun picking out different coloured tights, bodysuits, shorts & tutus. We also find having a special outfit for dance can help with first class jitters. If you are not purchasing dancewear, we suggests students wear tight fitting but moveable clothing such as yoga pants and a t-shirt with tank top underneath. Long hair must be tied back for safety reasons. Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to every class. Hydration is very important and dancing can be hard work. Gum, street shoes and negative attitudes are not allowed in the studio!

What type of shoes should my child wear to class?

Dance shoes are not mandatory, but can be FUN! When shopping for dance shoes simply just let the store associate know what dance class you are enrolled in. They will help you find exactly what you are looking for! If you are looking for cost efficient dance shoes check out second hand stores, facebook groups, kijiji or check "gymnastics" slippers.

Do you have presentations?

Yes! We have one recital a year! This typically happens May-June. These presentations are held at local schools or churches.

Will I have to purchase costumes?

We are a very cost efficient dance studio, so costuming is very affordable $85.00-$90.00. This is industry standard & our mark-ups are very low. We do costumes to give our dancers the FULL experience of being a DANCER.

How much are the recital tickets?

Tickets are between $15-$20. Everyone must purchase a ticket. Rectial's are very expensive to host & it is used to carry the summer over the summer months when most people chose to take the summer off.

How do I stay in the loop?

Instagram: @studioabrantford

Studio Policies: 

REFUND POLICIES: No monthly refunds will be given once they have been paid. You may switch to another class at the directors discretion. You may drop a class online in your parent portal. Before November there is no drop fee - afterwards there will be a drop out fee of $15.00 (+hst). Costume deposits are non-refundable there are no exemptions. 

YEARLY CLASSES: Classes run from September to June. The class schedule is subject to change, pending enrollment.

CHANGE OF CLASSES: Students must contact the Director of the school in writing to request a change of classes.  Please note that students may not be able to change if the class size is full.

CLASS SIZE/WAITING LISTS: Class sizes are limited to provide an excellent student-teacher ratio, helping to ensure student feedback and a high standard of dance education.  Each year, we present a schedule that will meet the needs of our new and returning students.  If a class is full, you can be put on a wait list.  Studio A also reserves the right to cancel any class that has enrollment of five or fewer students.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Every attempt will be made to contact each student if we cancel a class due to weather or other extenuating circumstances.  In the event that a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will attempt to contact each dancer affected by the cancellation. We will send a cancellation message via email & parent portal. 

CORRESPONDENCE: Studio A prides itself on maintaining a high level of administrative service.  We work diligently to ensure that parents are kept well informed of every aspect of their child’s dance program.  Faculty members are always willing to speak with students or parents if they have any questions or concerns.

ATTITUDE: Studio A has the basic expectation that students treat each other, their teachers, the faculty and staff, and other adults with kindness and respect.  Whether students attend our programs to develop self-esteem, get their exercise, or train for a career in the arts, a professional and polite attitude is necessary at all times.  If problems persist, parents will be contacted.   Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference!

TIMELINESS: Try to arrive on time!  Students should arrive 15 minutes before their class starts so they have ample time to use the washroom, and get ready prior to the class starting.  When children arrive late, they may feel uncomfortable and not want to participate, which is also disruptive to the class.  When students miss the beginning of a class, they miss out on warming up their bodies properly.  Part of learning to dance is learning self-discipline and this begins with arriving to class on time and being prepared for the lesson.  To avoid injury, students who are 15 minutes late or more will not be permitted to participate in the class; they will be asked to observe. Please make sure your little one goes to the bathroom!

ILLNESS/INJURY: If students are mildly ill or have an injury, they will be expected to attend, as it is extremely valuable to come to dance class and WATCH! (No contagious diseases please!) Dancing is learned through visual, auditory and kinesthetic information, so students who watch class still use their eyes and ears to learn dance!  By observing classes, they won’t have missed any information or be behind in their learning.  If a student misses a class, they are expected to catch up on class material that they missed with friends prior to the next class.  Students are responsible for knowing their class material.

DANCE UNIFORM:  Please review what your dancer needs for their dance uniform prior to shopping for dancewear and shoes. Students are to wear the proper dancewear and footwear. No baggy shorts, pants, pajama pants, etc. allowed in ANY class. No jewellery is permitted in class (except medic alert bracelets). Being properly groomed shows that you respect the art of dance and are proud to be a dancer. 

HAIR: Hair must be properly groomed for dance class. All ballet students must wear a proper bun with a hairnet and hair pins.  Hair should be neatly pulled off the face in a ponytail or bun for all other classes.

ENTRANCE/SHOE REMOVAL: At both entrances, ALL shoes must be removed and placed on the mats provided. This will keep walkways clear, floors cleaner, and is friendlier on our bare-footed dancers! Street shoes are not allowed in the studios.  Hip hop dancers need to wear clean running shoes. PARENTS if you have to go to the bathroom please remove your shows. 

NO NUTS FACILITY: Studio A has students enrolled who have life-threatening allergic reactions to peanuts and all other nutmeats. In order to create a safe environment for everyone, we have declared our studio a No Nuts Facility.

FOOD & DRINK: No food or drink is allowed in the dance studios (unless the dancer is diabetic). Only water bottles are permitted! Gum is not allowed. Garbage must be placed in the proper receptacles. We like to keep the studio looking clean and hope that you will too! 

OBSERVATION: Under no circumstances should a parent or student go into the studio and open the blinds if they are closed. Parents please do not talk through the door way. It is important your child learns from the teacher & experiences dance independently.