Frequently Asked Questions

What class should I enroll my child in? How do I decide?

Start watching you child dance. How are they dancing? Slow & soft with lots of twirling= Ballet or Lyrical class Fast with lots of jumps & turns= Jazz Small quick movements, popping, bouncing or low to the ground movements= Hip Hop Cartwheels, somersaults & flexibility= Acro or Cheer Making noise with their feet= Tap If you are still struggling to decide come try a class out or email the Studio Director, describing your thoughts and concerns.

Can I start a class mid-season?

Yes, Studio A is continuous enrollment. We tend to shy students away from joining before christmas & at the end of the summer, due to our recitals & celebration performances.

Are parents allowed into the Studio while classes are in session?

We prefer our parents to view class on the TV in the waiting lobby, we find the children become too distracted when they can see their parents. We also want to help prepare the students for future performances. Often times at the end of class we invite parents to come in & watch short dance routines. If this is a concern please contact the Studio Director.

If my child misses a class can they make it up?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer makeup classes. Most of our programs are full or close to capacity. For certain occasions such as bad weather we do offer scheduled makeup classes, if the Studio closes.

What happens when the weather is bad?

If the weather is unsafe please stay at home. We will post on our Facebook page & website if the Studio has closed, due to weather. If the Studio does close because of unsafe weather we will offer scheduled makeup classes.

What should my child wear/bring to class?

Dance attire is not mandatory but is welcomed! It can be fun picking out different coloured tights, bodysuits, shorts & tutus. We also find having a special outfit for dance can help with first class jitters. If you are not purchasing dancewear, we suggests students wear tight fitting but moveable clothing such as yoga pants and a t-shirt with tank top underneath. Long hair must be tied back for safety reasons. Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to every class. Hydration is very important and dancing can be hard work. Gum, street shoes and negative attitudes are not allowed in the studio!

What type of shoes should my child wear to class?

Dance shoes are not mandatory, but can be FUN! When shopping for dance shoes simply just let the store associate know what dance class you are enrolled in. They will help you find exactly what you are looking for! If you are looking for cost efficient dance shoes check out second hand stores, facebook groups, kijiji or check "gymnastics" slippers.

Do you have presentations?

Yes! We have two presentations a year, a christmas celebration and an end of session recital. These typically happen the second or third Saturday of December and June. These presentations are held at local schools or churches.

Will I have to purchase costumes?

We are a very cost efficient dance studio, so costuming is very minimal. Previous years we have sold special studio shirts and had students wear black bottoms, adding hair bows and small accessories.

How much are the recital tickets?

Tickets are by donation at the door. We donate some of the proceeds to a local charity, as part of our Studio A Gives Back program.

How do I stay in the loop?

Instagram: @studioabrantford