The Small Studio With A Big Heart

I love this place! Teachers are wonderful! Small classes means your child gets personal attention to ensure they are doing things correctly so they can progress. My daughters have attended a very busy gymnastics club and a bigger dance academy in the past where they were just lost in the crowd. At Studio A, they take the time to focus on form, have fun and allow children to express themselves. They are great with children. The price is very reasonable and my daughters love it
— Shelley Kouwen
The owner is a very talented, hard working, and caring individual who is sure to push you positively to your best potential all while giving you the help needed to get you there. Definitely worth your time to check it out!!
— Sierra Nancekivell
"I was so excited when I discovered this studio while searching online for activities for my daughter. It was everything I was looking for. Dancing, acting, singing, an awesome selection of classes. My daughter loves performing and with all the unique programs Studio A offers the sky is the limit! I can't say enough about Ms. Abby, she encourages positivity, creativity, acceptance and is a true role model for the students. She genuinely cares about her students and is doing an amazing job! She is very compassionate and talented at teaching and performing."

-Falicia Jessica 


I highly recommend. The instructors are very focused on giving each child the same attention and are very encouraging. My daughter has progressed further in one month here compared to 4 years at other locations including gymnastics. The price is amazing!! Very inexpensive.
— Darcy Ferrell
The teachers are very focused on giving each child the same individual attention, focusing on posture and technique. At half the price of other studios, you are in my oponion, recieving way more for your money
— Shadey
“My daughter absolutely loves coming here! Abbey is the most caring and loving teacher and gives my daughter the guidance she needs to learn dance and really express herself!! Very affordable too!”
— Courtney Totten
“The owner is a really warm person she is an incredibly talented dancer and a kind teacher. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.”
— Jayde
"I'm here 3 nights a week with my two girls for a total of 6 classes and they keep bugging for more. Miss Abbey is amazing and they cant get enough! Five stars for sure!!!!"

- Aim Noonan 


"Miss Abby is an amazingly talented teacher! My three girls enjoy the classes and learning new moves! The price is amazing and the studio is conveniently located for me!"

-Annie Dawkins

Great atmosphere for kids to learn in. My daughter walked in there at 7 years old never entering a dance studio in her life and is loving it already and feels more confident then she did walking in with one session already. Smaller classes means more time for learning
— Nicole Kelsey Louise
Ms.Abbey is absolutely amazing with the kids smile emoticon .. My daughter goes literally no where without me but took very quickly to ms.abbey and did her thing smile emoticon very happy !
— Tara Waucaush
“So far very Impressed! My daughter had gone for two classes and loves it !”
— Amy Bonney
"Miss Abby is truly an amazing teacher, my daughter loves coming and not only the dance classes but the PA day classes, summer classes everything she does extra she really deserves more then a 5 star because she goes above and beyond for her kids and families."

-Ashley Verge-Stapledon